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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I act as my own GC and Project Manager and save money on GC markups?

This is a common question/misconception that most homeowners think that anyone can do their own build/construction project. Homeowners who have acted as their own Project Manager, in most cases, have difficulty with the permitting process and waste a lot of time on that issue.

Also, they have compromised the quality of their construction, could not maintain the project timeline and ended up going over their budget (spending way more than anticipated cost!). Their project actually cost more money and time to complete and the finished home is not to their complete satisfaction.  

However, a reputable builder can streamline the project by their solid reputation and relationship with their subs and workers.  Building with a reputable company that has the know-how and financial strength to finish your project on time and within budget will prevent delays and budget troubles in a long run on their construction project.

Why do residential builders have such a bad rap in the industry?

For reasons mentioned in the previous answer, in most cases, the cause of this problem lies with both the homeowners and contractors.

Homeowners who base their decisions on price only end up hiring unqualified and under-resourced contractors who cannot leave up to the magnitude of their project.

Contractors who out of desperation lowball the project cost and hope for making up for the cost in their stack of change orders or the contractors who do not have the financial liquidity to take on a large project.

If you do your due diligence on hiring a builder and have clear and comprehensive planning and budgeting on hand at the start of their projects will avoid construction headaches and troubles and usually are the happy homeowners.

What is the cost of a custom new build or extension per square foot?

There is no magic tool or number to measure the cost and price of a custom construction project. In the other words, there is no one price fit all solution for a custom construction project.

There are important factors in pricing a new build project such as the existing condition of the land (on a slop or flat), entitlements, storm drain conditions, location of the project, amount of civil work required for the land, and many other factors that go into building a custom home.

A new build or a major renovation/addition is a process that starts with Fact Findings, preliminary meetings, conceptual plans, preliminary agreement, and the generation of a proposed contract.

During the planning process and considering each change in the plans, the final and comprehensive cost will be offered to our valued clients by offering a FIXED PRICE CONTRACT.


A Fixed Price Contract by ACM Construction will greatly reduce or eliminate the need for a pile of change orders that can be issued if the proper building process is not followed by the homeowners and contractors.

Homeowners who select the cheapest contractors and sign a contract with a builder before completing their due diligence and planning stage usually are among the homeowners with bad build experience and generally unhappy with the end results.


Can I live in my house while a major renovation/extension is going on?

In most cases, we can devise a plan for the homeowners to be able to live in their homes during their home construction/renovation.

However, considering the inconveniences such as noise disturbance, dust and cleaning issues, temporary water and electric shutoffs, etc. we recommend that if possible, clients should seek alternative lodging during construction.  


Who is responsible for the city/municipality permitting process and inspections?

ACM Group and its professional network of licensed architects and engineers will communicate; join required municipality meetings in order to secure a building permit in a timely manner.

Your professional Project Manager will schedule and meet with all the jurisdictional inspectors. Another benefit of hiring a professional builder is that your PM does the QC work with the subs and workers and makes sure there is easy approval by the officials.

This will save you time and money on your construction project.


Do I receive any warranties o my project?

Yes, per State Contractors Board’s guidelines, your builder is required to offer one-year labor and material warranty on their completed scope of work after the final inspection has been signed off.

Who will prepare the final punch list?

The homeowners along with their PM will walk the final and completed project and prepare a list of repairs needed to enhance the build results.

Do I need to have land before starting the quoting process?

Yes, you must have land that you already own or are in the process of buying. Exact lot information is crucial in the planning and cost estimating process. If you do not own land already, we won’t be able to help you with your project estimating.

What if the builder cannot finish our project per provided schedule?

Professional building companies take special pride in finishing their projects on time and within the budget.

With professional builders project delays are usually caused by the additional work outside the scope of work mentioned in the building contract and work required by the homeowner or city inspectors, delays in delivery, inclement weather, or other issues beyond the builder's control.

However, if the construction delay in the schedule is caused by the builder or their team, then there must be an automatic mechanism in the contract to trigger a previously agreed amount to be charged daily/weekly to the delaying builder.


At ACM Construction Builder Group we guarantee we will finish your project per schedule or WE WILL PAY YOU!

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