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FEBRUARY, talking about different architectural designs.

With the beginning of a new season also comes the beginning of a new chapter, whether it is a new adventure, trip, new house, new looks, a summer vacation, or a full house remodeling also known as renovation. Is very common for all of these things to require planning. While we could give you a bunch of ideas where to go visit this summer, we’re gonna stick to our speciality and give you the tools so you can have a better picture for your full home remodeling.

When it comes to a full remodeling there’s always two different stories, the outdoors and the indoors. In this chapter we’ll focus on the indoors. Here we go:

As a homeowner: What do I want, what are my options?. There are a few architectural designs out there so we figured to explain a bit of what we think are the most popular ones, with that in mind you’ll have a more specific view of what you’ll like.

Modern Architecture

Modern Architecture follows the idea that form should follow function. Focusing on materials such as steel, concrete, iron, glass, wood, brick, and stone help to create the ideal modern look. Exposed structural beams attached to glass walls fit a structured regular grid with lines that are only parallel or perpendicular. The structure will focus on making the outdoors a part of the indoors with the use of big glass walls that bring in natural light and air and the structural beams provide bigger and open spaces.

“Modern architects such as Frank Lloyd Wright redefined a new world of architecture with form follows function design, and a host of mid-century designers transformed the built landscape and the world of interior design with mid-century modern furniture that continues to be wildly popular today.” The Spruce

Contemporary Architecture

More of an art form part of architecture, contemporary can be described as structural artwork. The main concept of this is that form does not follow structure. Details like overlapping, angled ceilings, glass floors and the hybrid nature of structures within a space all portray contemporary architecture.

You’ll see surfaces like illuminated walls, in which they create a variation in surfaces. A changing art form that will look different from different angles and even change periodically like at different times of the day.

Contemporary architecture is a playful way of interpreting the basic box-like building design. If you want a more artistically creative home, contemporary architecture is where to start.

Victorian Architecture

(Picture shows Modern Victorian)

Victorian architecture" actually refers to styles that emerged in the period between 1830 and 1910, during the reign of Queen Victoria. The Victorian styles evolved largely from the imposing, elaborate Gothic style, which appealed to the romantic Victorian idea of fashion. Architecture and furnishings should be beautiful rather than practical. You will see a wood or stone exterior that forms into a complicated asymmetrical shape, wings and bays in many directions along the trim of the house, the outside decorated with a more elaborate wood or even metal. On the surfaces of the house you will find decorative scalloped shingles. Another key element in Victorian homes is the roofing. Steep, imposing roof lines with many gables that look more castle- like. A major indicator of a Victorian home is the wrap-around covered porch and the embellished round or octagonal towers.

“Some features that will help you spot a Victorian from the inside often include grand staircases; complicated layouts; high ceilings; intricately carved wood paneling; and decorative fireplaces.” The Spruce

Spanish Colonial Architecture style

Spanish Colonial Architecture is found most frequently in warmer regions of the United States such as California, Florida, Arizona, and Hawai'i. In California the style was initiated by Bertram Goodhue and Carleton Winslow, becoming a dominant regional style.

Spanish Colonial Architecture style is identified by; red tile roofs or a flat roof space, exterior and interior arches for doorways, thick stucco-clad walls, and intricate stone or tile work.

With all the architectural styles shown you can always play around on something unique for yourself, maybe mixing some spanish red tile roofs, stucco walls with some modern big glass doors, big windows and skylights. Whatever your thoughts are, we can help you bring the ideas to reality. With our 3D software and our in-house designers we can help you create the ideal home or remodeling-renovation for you.



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