2021 Trends in Architectural Design

Updated: Jun 24

Do you want to know what holds in 2021 in terms of architectural design?

If you’re looking to do major renovation, design and build, or you just love to learn more about 2021 trends in architectural design, then this blog will help you learn more.


For years now, the open concept is something that has become more relevant, especially in design magazines and editorials. In 2021, the open concept trend is going to be the definitive recognized trend. This trend has been sweeping the United States and some European countries for years.

The aim is to achieve better use of space and fluidity between spaces. In addition, the light between the spaces is maximized and favors the integration between the different rooms of the house.


Now that we are in 2021 the use of technology in our daily lives is enhancing to make our life easier outside and in our homes. In fact, home automation is more common nowadays not only in newly built homes but also in renovated homes.

Why to use smart appliances in your home? Well, basically its function is to make life at home easier. It helps us to control the temperature with our phone, control the lights with our phone or by voice, regulate the lights automatically or, by programming it. Also you can link home security to your phone, or program robots to vacuum and mop the house, and much more.


The bathroom is going to become your private retreat paradise. Neutral colors such as white, black, gray, beige or pastels are colors to be expected for 2021 trends. Floral prints are coming in strong on both wallpaper and tiles. Other options will be Caribbean flowers or plants, which will bring light and luminosity to your bathroom.

This year wood is becoming more popular compared to last year metallic trend. What is sought is a much more natural appearance, bringing functionality and design in equal measure to your private spa.

Back-Lit large mirrors , quartz countertops and space-savvy soaking tubs are other details to take into account for your renewed bathroom design.


The kitchen has always been one of the most important rooms in the house, it is expected in 2021 kitchens will gain in size and will become the central axis of the house. The concept of open kitchen is already a fact and more and more Architects include this type of design in their projects, kitchens as the center of the house.


Natural light is increasingly valued by home-owners. For this reason, both in new homes and in home renovations the windows are acquiring a larger size in favor of collecting as much natural light as possible.

This does not mean that the insulation system is going to be something to be worried about, since at present there are many options in terms of quality windows that protect us from noise and high and low temperatures.

Big glass doors, and windows are a current trend.