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APRIL, Save Money with a Smart Home

How to save money with a Smart Home? First let’s get a quick review on what is a Smart Home. Without the internet or Smart Devices there’s no such thing as a Smart Home.

So to start saving some money we should focus on the Smart Devices out there:

Smart Thermostat

A Smart Thermostat will learn about your heating and cooling preferences setting up the perfect atmosphere for your home while saving an average of $200 a year. ​ Here some of the most popular Smart Thermostats:

Smart Lighting

With Smart Bulbs we're able to dim lights, set automation, all smart bulbs are led which already helps you save using 75% less energy and lasts 25 times more. Dimming lights can help save 40% more. ​ Here some of the most popular Smart Bulbs:

Smart Power Outlets

Helps you monitor energy usage, and stop "energy vampire" devices. Giving you an estimate of $200 on savings per year. ​ Here some of the most popular Smart Power Outlets:

Other Smart Devices:


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