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December, What is a Green Home?

Essentially a green home could have one or all of this characteristics; uses less energy and water, is built with sustainable building materials that have lower embodied energy than regular houses, is built with rapidly renewal materials, create its own energy, is healthier for the house owners, creates less waste (carbon footprint). A green house can be built ground up, or you can make a green transformation of yours.

Benefits of a Green Home

-Positive contribution to the planet.

-Financial savings, energy, and water bills up to 30% approx.

-It will cost less to insure a Green Home than a regular home.

-Solar panels enable you to generate your own electricity and even sell the surplus energy to your utility provider. Energy becomes an income instead of an expense.

-Local, state, and federal governments are increasingly offering tax reductions and other incentives for building LEED homes or adding green features to your house.


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