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Commercial Project Management


Prior to the commencement of construction, by collaborating with our network of Licensed Engineers and Designers, ACM Group can offer the following services and render to the project owners:

  • Coordinate the design/engineering phase with all involved parties.

  • Prepare plan submittal packages for official review.

  • Coordinate revisions required on the plans with Architects and Engineers.

  • Obtaining all required city/county construction permits.

  • We outline scopes of work for each trade contractor.

  • Solicit and obtain contractor's bid.

  • Prepare a full budget analysis report based on estimated costs.

  • Prepare a project schedule with clear milestones marked for each phase of the project


After the commencement of construction:

  • Process contractors change orders.

  • Review contractor invoicing and verify progress corralled with the payment amount.

  • Oversee scheduling and project progress for each trade.

  • Supervising Contractor Quality of work and meeting all required tasks (QC).

  • Updating scheduling and budget forecasts on biweekly bases.

  • Hold online or in-person biweekly progress meetings with project owners.

  • Schedule and meet with city inspectors and other regulating agencies.

  • Prepare and process final payments for contractors.

  • Obtaining final occupancy permit.

  • Documenting and administering Warranty Programs.

At ACM Construction Builder Group, we believe that open and transparent communication between the project owners and our staff is an essential part of successful project management and project completion.

ACM Construction utilizes a state-of-the-art project management computer system that can provide our clients with 24/7 seamless access to the project site and related info. Documents all communications starting from inception to completion of each project. Project owners can make comments, view schedules, and job progress, see updated budget costs, and much more.

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