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ACM Construction Design Services

Things you need to know before starting your design:


  1. How long you plan on staying in this new home?
    For most clients building a custom home is their dream. Taking a long-term view, consider your current future lifestyle.

    Designing a custom home means thinking long term using professional consultants to plan and design a house thinking long term even through your senior years. 
    In short, do not choose the cheapest and easiest construction method in your design.



  2. HVAC Systems: 
    Pay special attention to your house insulation, quality of your windows, and overall energy efficiency of your home.

    Our professional engineers can calculate and suggest energy-saving options that will pay off in the long run. THINK GREEN!


  3. Poor space planning; 
    Planning storage spaces, living spaces, closets, functionality, and layout of the exterior storage spaces are essential in the space management of your project.

    Architects, engineers, and builders are trained to help you make effective decisions on your space planning. 

    Think about the cabinet and furniture placement early on in the design phase.


  4. Poor lighting and window configurations:
    Correct and calculated window sizes and possible use of skylights in addition to ample light fixtures should be professionally designed to have an effective light distribution throughout your home.

    Our interior architects and designers will be able to help you achieve a sustainable design that you can enjoy for years to come.


  5. Planning & Budgeting:
    Planning and budgeting are perhaps the most important steps in your construction project.

    Homeowners that decide to go into the building process with a minimum budget and cheapest pricing usually are the ones that will not be happy with the end result and end up dealing with a lot of stress and perhaps legal proceedings.

    The building process for most homeowners with Poor budgeting in their building process will end up spending considerably more on their projects compared to the homeowners with proper planning and budgeting.


  6. Hire a Reputable Builder:
    Do your due diligence before hiring a builder for your construction project.

    Open and documented communication between the project owners and the building team is crucial and important in delivering a completed project on time and within budget.

    ACM Group provides a client portal online system which can give our clients access to their project 24/7 from anywhere they are.


  7. What are the three most important things to do before the start of my project?

    ACM Group recommends that you follow these guidelines: 
    1. Plan 
    2. Plan 
    3. Plan some more... 

    Planning in the design and engineering portion of your project is the single most important activity prior to start of your construction project.

    The more detailed and comprehensive your plans are, the smoother your construction project will develop and much higher chance of finishing your project on time and within budget.

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